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Does Tomato Fertilizer Expire?

Tomatoes require a lot of nutrients, so most gardeners use fertilizer to get the best results. At the end of the growing season, you may have some leftover tomato fertilizer and wonder what to do with it. Will it retain its potency for next season or does it expire? The easiest answer to this broad question is that fertilizer tends to last a very long time, and some types never expire. Let’s take a closer look at how long different types last and how best to store them.

Dry Granular Fertilizer

If you are using a dry granular fertilizer, it is likely that it will never expire. This type of fertilizer will not lose its potency over time as long as it is not exposed to moisture. The fertilizer is meant to be broken down by water when applied, so if water gets into the container, it may decrease the strength of the fertilizer.

For storage purposes, keep the fertilizer in the original bag or container, and close it securely. If it is in a bag, wrap it in plastic before placing it in a sealed container. Plastic bins, stored off the ground and out of the sunlight, are ideal. Sometimes, you may get a little bit of moisture inside the container that will cause the fertilizer to clump slightly. It is still fine to use it, but you will want to break the clumps apart before applying it, and try to prevent that in the future.

Liquid Fertilizers

Liquid fertilizers contain various minerals and elements that are in a solution of water. Liquid fertilizers still last a long time, but they tend to lose their potency after 6-10 years. Because the components are suspended in water, they may settle to the bottom of the container after sitting for a while. When you use the fertilizer again, just shake or stir the mixture to ensure a good distribution. You will want to store liquid fertilizer in a place where it will not freeze.

Combination Fertilizers

If your fertilizer is combined with herbicides or pesticides, it has a much shorter shelf-life. While it likely will not go bad, it will lose its potency and will not work as expected. You can expect it to remain good for approximately 1-4 years, depending on the brand and ingredients. 

These are just general fertilizer guidelines, so if you want to know specific information for your brand and type, please refer to the manufacturer’s information and expiration dates printed on the package.

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