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How Often Do They Mow Golf Course Greens?

Taking care of a golf course involves a lot of science and maintenance. The greens are especially important to get right, as they can make or break someone’s game. Golf course greens are meticulously cared for and manicured to ensure that they are in ideal condition at all times. Mowing is a crucial part of this care.

According to golf course industry standards, putting surfaces should be smooth and firm, with limited grain and overall uniformity. To ensure these qualities, greens are very short, which helps to produce consistency and good speed.

During the growing season, courses typically mow greens every day. This daily mowing produces a fine, dense green that is perfect for putting. If greens are mown less frequently, it results in removing too much of the grass blade, which puts stress on it and could reduce root growth for several days. By mowing every day, you can regularly remove a small amount of grass and keep the turf short and healthy.