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Tomato Fertilizer: Does Rabbit Manure Make a Good Tomato Nutrient?

Using manure in the garden is a common practice. It is a natural source of nutrients that benefits both the plants and the soil. Tomatoes are helped greatly by adding fertilizer, so tomato growers are always on the lookout for the best manure to use. If you are growing tomatoes or other vegetables, rabbit poop may be the manure of choice.

Plants need three main macronutrients to thrive: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Nitrogen helps grow plants that are strong and have greener foliage. Phosphorus helps plants change energy from the sun into chemical energy that they can use. This mainly helps with fruiting. Potassium helps transport sugar and synthesize proteins to improve disease resistance. The ratio of these three nutrients is often shown as N-P-K.

Rabbit manure is the most concentrated herbivore manure and is higher in nitrogen and phosphorus than most other manures. It has an N-P-K ratio of about 2.4-1.4-.6. It also supplies many micronutrients and trace minerals like boron, calcium, copper, sulfur, zinc, magnesium, cobalt, and manganese. This means that rabbit manure will pack a powerful punch of nutrients for your tomatoes

Another huge advantage of rabbit manure is that it can be put directly into your garden instead of requiring composting like other manures. While most manures are “hot,” meaning they will burn the plants if used directly, rabbit manure is a “cold manure,” which allows you to skip the composting step. This greatly reduces the time and effort required to use it as a fertilizer. Rabbit manure consists of dry and odorless pellets. These pellets are little slow-release capsules that gradually break down over time, supplying your garden with a consistent long-term fertilizer.

There are many ways to use rabbit poop in your garden. You can use it in the hole you dig at planting time, top-dress your plants with it during the season, or soak it in water and create a compost tea. Although it can be applied directly to the soil, it is also beneficial as a compost. When composted with other carbon rich materials, it can do wonders for your soil. Rabbit compost helps improve porosity, attracts helpful worms, and feeds the good microbes in the soil. 

The Best Tomato Fertilizer

Although rabbit manure can be very useful, it may not supply your plants with all the nutrients that they need. It can also be expensive if you do not have your own rabbits to supply your needs. If you want to grow amazing tomatoes, we recommend a complete and balanced natural fertilizer like Tomato Secret from Dr. JimZ. Tomato Secret is made with a superior blend of natural ingredients that are biologically correct and designed to feed the microbes in the soil and deliver direct nutrition to the plants. For the best tomato fertilizer on the market, try Tomato Secret today.


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