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Agricultural Compost Tea [Quick Build]

If you do not own a “tea maker” but would like to make compost tea for agricultural use you will need the following items below:

Big tank (500 gallons will do), and air compressor, and a 50 ft roll of soaker hose made from ground tires.

Jim said “I like to buy a fifty foot roll of soaker hose made from ground tires, hook it t a compressor, put a weight on it and drop to the bottom of the tank and let her run.”

The air from the compressor is an alternative to hand mixing (air compressors are used when making large batches).

Step 1. Get a large tank and add 1 part Chicken Soup For The Soil® to 9 parts water.

Step 2. Add your choice of microbes (a handful of good quality soil, or pure earthworm castings).

Step 3. Use air compressor and soaker hose to stir the mixture in the tank. The main thing is to keep it warm.

Fermenting time will vary depending on temperature:

80f to 90f ready in three days. 70 to 80f four or five days. Under 70f about a week. Can’t hurt to use early but not as effective.

Can be used as a foliar but dilute at least 1 part tea to 10 parts water.

Can be used on the soil straight.