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Growing Tomatoes: DIY Tomato Cages

Nearly every garden store sells some type of tomato cage to help support your tomatoes. Indeterminate tomato varieties benefit immensely from the extra support because they can become quite large as they continue to grow and set fruit throughout the entire growing season. Most commercially produced tomato cages are only 3-6 feet high, so your plants are limited in size. If you want to grow huge tomatoes, you are going to want to create your own DIY tomato cages that will give your plants plenty of room to grow.

The expert gardeners at Dr. JimZ have grown tomatoes that are 20 feet tall with the use of the best tomato fertilizer and years of plant know-how. These are the steps they use to create their DIY tomato cages.

Here’s a helpful video of the entire process.

Step 1: Purchase a roll of 10 gauge concrete reinforcing wire from a concrete supply warehouse. With 6 inch square openings, the wire holes will provide easy access to your tomatoes.

Step 2: Cut the wire to 7 feet long, and roll it so that the ends meet.

Step 3: Pull the ends together and connect them using soft steel wires all along the edge. You can use your fingers or a pair of pliers to twist the wire to hold the ends tight.

Step 4: Use a pair of bolt cutters to clip the ends of the concrete reinforcing wire.

To watch one of our DIY tomato cages being built and learn how to grow giant tomatoes, check out our video Monster Tomato Secrets Revealed.

That’s it! By following these steps, you can create a simple, yet sturdy tomato cage that will allow your tomatoes to grow and flourish. Forget putting limitations on your tomatoes and be amazed when they take off. Visit for all your tomato growing needs.


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